And finally...
If Ghana wants to move to international platform and go abreast with the developed world as she is striving to do, then vulnerable people especially those with learning disabilities should be looked after. There should be laws to protect them, their health and social care needs should be provided for and society needs to be educated on the causes of learning disabilities. The wealthy people should be incentivized and encouraged to give freely to institutions providing care and support for people with learning disabilities. After all, the wealthy give away enormously to charity in the western world and this gesture can be replicated in Africa.


It is high time we did these things ourselves, we do not necessarily need have to wait for outsiders to do them for us. The concept of normalization must be adopted to ensure the unique value of the individual, their right to choice and opportunity, and to that extra care and support they require to fulfill their potential.

Most importantly it could be said that as human beings we all have skill which could be developed. People with learning disabilities have skills what they lack is the ability to develop them so it is down to us the so called able people to help them.

Society should make the effort to promote equal treatment and inclusion for these people. New challenges that will eliminate exclusion bring about responsibilities and above all which will change public attitudes towards people with learning disabilities and raise understanding will help make life worthwhile for these people.


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